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Your Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Laptop or Computer: Decoding Tech Talk for the Everyday User

Let's face it: the world of technology can sometimes feel like a jungle. You have options galore and an alphabet soup of specs to decode – SSD, HDD, RAM, GPU… the list goes on. But hey, don't be daunted, we're here to navigate this jungle with you, step-by-step, all the way to your perfect computer. Whether you're an office hero, a creative soul, a gaming wizard, or just someone looking to catch up on the latest Netflix series, there's a perfect tech companion out there for you! But how do you even know where to start? This is a common question we are asked here at AsKevin, so we put together this basic guide to help walk you through your next purchase.

A Familiar Face: Stick with what you know

When starting your journey, it's smart to consider the technology and operating systems you're already comfortable with and currently using. Are you a lifelong Windows user? An Apple aficionado? Or maybe a fan of the open-source world of Linux? Each has its own interface, quirks, and benefits. If you've been using Windows all your life, a Mac might feel like a different planet – and vice versa! It's a bit like learning to cook: do you want to master your grandma's lasagna recipe or try out molecular gastronomy? So, stick to what you're familiar with unless you're up for a fresh challenge.

Your Needs, Front and Center

What are you going to use your computer for? Email and social media, designing, gaming, or maybe a mix of all? Your primary, secondary, and tertiary uses will significantly shape your choice. If your primary need is sending emails and browsing the web, you may not need a computer with the latest, most powerful components. A budget-friendly laptop or desktop with moderate specifications will do just fine.

Best Cheap Laptops of 2023 | The Verge


If you're into graphic design or video editing, or if you enjoy gaming in your spare time, you'll need a machine with a more powerful processor, plenty of RAM, and a good graphics card. A portable laptop suits those always on the move, while a desktop could be the perfect home-office companion. Do you need to purchase new? Refurbished and open box items could give you more bang for your buck. Consider saving using this method by filtering your search online.

Refurbished or Open Box Macbooks | Best Buy

Remember, your computer is a tool tailored to your needs. Consider how you'll use it, and let that guide your decision.

Sustainability, Processing Power, and Storage

Think of your computer as a tiny, electronic office worker. It's got files to manage (storage), tasks to juggle (processing power), and it should stick around for a good while (sustainability). If you have thousands of pictures, videos, or hefty software applications, consider a computer with a large hard drive or solid-state drive. Remember, you can always supplement with external storage or cloud solutions.

For those of you who use lots of applications simultaneously, you'll need a good amount of RAM and a robust processor. It’s like having a bigger desk and a more efficient worker. Regarding sustainability, consider the build quality and reliability of the brand. Also, think about the after-sales service and availability of parts.

Beyond the Specs: The Human Touch

While technical specifications are essential, don't forget the more human aspects. How is the keyboard feel? How crisp is the display? How light is the laptop? Are the speakers to your liking? Does it have a touch screen? Does it need to? Often, it's these daily touches that make you love your computer.

Future-Proofing: A Long-Term Relationship

Lastly, think about the future. Technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, and while it's impossible to completely future-proof your purchase, you can make a choice that will serve you well for a few years. Consider getting slightly more power or storage than you think you'll need to accommodate evolving needs and software updates.

Choosing a new computer can feel like a mountainous task, but we hope this guide has helped you see that it's more of a gentle hike when you have the right map. You've got the power to make an informed choice, one that suits your unique needs and preferences. You're not just a passive passenger on this tech train – you're the conductor, choosing the best route for your journey.

Just remember, it's your needs and comfort that matter the most. Whether you're conquering spreadsheets, mastering the art of digital design, or saving the universe in your favorite video game, there's a perfect tech companion out there waiting for you. Take your time, do your research, and you'll find the right fit. And remember, the tech world is a community, so don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

You are embarking on an exciting journey, and at the end of it, you'll not just find a piece of hardware, but a friend that fits seamlessly into your life, enabling you to connect, create, and explore in new ways. Happy hunting!

Want us to help you make the best decision for you? AsKevin for help!

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