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About Us

We could all use someone from time to time to look at our tech life holistically and solve the tech issues that impact us everyday. That's our mission - to bring ease to your digital life. 

Your life, your tech, your way. 

young woman pointing to something on elderly man's iPhone

"We worked together and resolved a long standing tech problem of mine.  Respect was given and taken from both. For a moment in time there was peace in the world."

- Larry T, retired professor

Who is Kevin?

We all have a “Kevin” in our lives, someone we can lean on to help us with any tech stuff. It’s your son Jeremy who has moved away from home. It’s your friend Aimee you don’t want to bother because she is too busy. It’s your helpful neighbor Bob who patiently helps you to figure out how to get rid of 5 remote controls. It’s your husband who is brilliant when he helps but he is always traveling. The “Kevin” of AsKevin is exactly that family member, that neighbor, and that friend - except we are always here, being your digital security blanket.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing

One size doesn't fit all. Find the right solution for each customer.

Learn Together

It's not about finishing a job and leaving. You will learn about the how and the why.

Be Empathetic

We all can have a bad day...

Be a Problem Solver

We are not know-it-all. We may not know the solution right away. But we will own the problem, research, and find help.

Be Authentic

We earn your trust by being transparent and genuine.

Be Flexible

We understand tech changes fast, schedules change, needs change.


"We are social workers, life coaches, health coaches, sports 

coaches, and high-tech executive coaches. We have built software, hardware, and solved many problems for Fortune 100 big corporations in the last 30 years. It's time we solve your problems!"


“We are your friendly neighborhood tech help. Most of us live in the same city as you do. If there is a need, we can just hop off the phone and get to you in person within 15 minutes. We work with our community, for our community."

Gospel Group
Just Ask - It's Free! 

Anything tech, any brand, any model, any app, any digital problem, any tech project.

Thank you for asking!

We will reach out shortly to help answer your questions.

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