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Our mission at MCS is to provide the very best value in printer supplies and service, custom labels, bar code and data collection products, paper, and more to the Ann Arbor business community and beyond. Your custom labels and hard to find supplies can even be stocked at our warehouse for on-demand delivery!

Because we receive so many technical requests for printer, computer, and technical maintenance, we have partnered with Askevin. Askevin provides local, in-person help for all your technology needs! Having an issue with your printer? Smartphone? Anything tech related - Askevin can help.

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Not Sure Where to Start? 

Just Ask

Introductory Call

Tell us your tech frustrationWe may be able to fix your issue over the phone in 15 minutes!


No Commitment required


Your Digital Life

Health Check

We will assess your needs in all areas of your digital life & address the most urgent issue.


1st hour special rate

No Commitment required



Customized Solutions For Your Digital Life 

  Project proposals & quotes to solve your needs, your way.


No Commitment required

* 1st hour special - 50% off regular $150/hour rate,

prices vary by location

What can we do?

Here are some ways we can help your digital life.  Don't see your problem here?

No worries, just ask - it's free! 

Digital & Physical

  • Should I respond to this email that says my bank account is compromised?

  • This ad follows me everywhere. Are they tracking me?

  • So many brands, so many options. Which camera is right for me?

Digital Life
Organize & Make it Work

  • Passwords, passwords, passwords! I never remember them! Help!

  • I have photos everywhere. Can you help me find, organize, and digitize them?

  • I have files scattered around all my devices. How can I organize them?

TV, Music & Entertainment

  • How do I get my phone to connect to my car?

  • Everyone seems to be getting off cable. Should I?

  • Smart TV. What’s so 'smart' about them?

  • How do I play my Spotify music on my Bose speakers?

Home Automation
Voice & App Control

  • I have voice-controlled door locks, lights, and dog-feeder. Anything else I should  automate? How?

  • How can I minimize all the different apps to control all my devices?

  • Is it safe to connect all of my smart devices to the web?

Tech Devices 
Select, Setup & Understand

  • I think I need a laptop tuneup. Do I?​

  • iPad Pro or iPad Air? Alexa or Google Home? ​

  • How do I 'back up' ? Should I use an external drive or the cloud? Or both?

Connection & Speed

  • Is my speed good enough? ​

  • Am I paying too much for my internet?

  • I can’t make Zoom calls from my yard. What can I do?

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Just Ask - It's Free! 

Anything tech, any brand, any model, any app, any digital problem, any tech project.

Thank you for asking! We will reach out shortly to help answer your questions.

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