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What Our Customers Are Saying 

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“As a professional, I want my tech working for me. Right now, it feels like my tech is running me! I bought this phone, this laptop, this Alexa, and I’m subservient to them. How did that happen? Thank you AsKevin, for getting my world back in order and getting all my tech working for me.” 

Christine R, Chief Customer Officer

“Before AsKevin, I was at my wit's end trying to answer my mom's how-to questions over and over. I felt bad losing patience. She felt bad asking. It's comforting for me to know AsKevin is there with my mom weekly, practicing hey-Siri, Netflix or whatnot. One less thing for me to worry about."

Chantra C, Director of Product Management

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"When I was buying security cameras, every sales guy was trying to sell me something different. AsKevin explained my options, helped me decide what fit me best, made sure I was comfortable with the setup & the app. I felt informed and respected - and in my experience, that’s really unusual these days!"

Dolores GT, Cognitive Psychologist & Author

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* 1st hour special - 50% off regular $199/hour rate,

prices vary by location

Just Ask - It's Free! 

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